Whats your Highscore? (Mine is 64), tell me in the comments down below.


  • Right-arrow/D to move to right.
  • Left-arrow/A to move to left.
  • Space to switch gravity.
  • M to mute/unMute.
  • Escape(ESC) to pause/unPause.



  • The Game will start with volume set to 0, please on first time set the volume in the settings tab.
  • The Player can go back and go through the wall, please dont do it as it will be fixed soon.
  • I know the Highscore is spelled "Hghscore" it will be changed soon too.
  • pausing the game will cause the screen to exit Fullscreen, the button will be changed to in the next update.
  • All of these Bugs will be fixed in the next update, Thanks for Playing!

Next Update (1 November - 3 November):

  • All of the Bugs above will be fixed.
  • A downloadable version of the game will be uploaded.